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Wicked Sensual Care simply® timeless sexual lubricant bottles

As we age, our natural lubrication decreases. Using a high-quality sexual lubricant increases arousal, pleasure and comfort. Lucky for us, Wicked Sensual Care has released  simply® timeless, a new line of lubricants and vaginal moisturizers that I personally love!

I’m thrilled and honored that Wicked Sensual Care selected me as the inaugural Ambassador for this new line that nourishes not only our genitals but our experience of sexual pleasure.

I’ve enjoyed Wicked Sensual Care’s lubricants for years, and simply® timeless is a step beyond any lubricant that I’ve experienced because it’s made specifically for our age group. These lubes are slick and feel so good. They put the glide back in partnered and solo play and genital touch. Plus they can be used daily as a vaginal moisturizer.

Introducing simply® timeless lubes:

What do we want from a lubricant at our age? We want slickness and glide that enhance sexual touch and penetration. We want healthy, hydrating ingredients that protect our sexual health and don’t irritate our delicate skin. Wicked Sensual Care’s simply® timeless™ delivers all this and more.

There are so many confusing choices out there. How reassuring to know that simply® timeless™ takes care of our needs, contains only beneficial ingredients, and brings back the joy of friction.


Timeless Aqua Water-Based:

Smooth, hydrating, nourishing. Safe with all sex toys.

Timeless Hybrid + DHEA:

Combines water-based and silicone, slicker and longer-lasting than water-based alone. Safe with all sex toys. (Joan’s favorite.)

 Timeless Aqua Jelle Water-Based:

Thicker formula, especially good for penises and for anal sex. Safe with all sex toys. (Shamus MacDuff’s favorite.)

Timeless Silicone:

Slickest and longest-lasting. Not for use with silicone sex toys.



Silke Schwarzkopf of 2nd Act TV interviews me about lubricants, choosing the best one, and why simply® timeless excels.

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“Joan’s passion and expertise in senior sexuality are unparalleled. Her joining forces with simply® timeless™ not only signifies our commitment to inclusivity in sexual wellness but also reinforces our belief that pleasure is timeless. We’re eager to see her influence in making intimacy accessible and enjoyable for all ages.” – jessica drake, Brand Strategist for Wicked Sensual Care