Body Kisses by Gender X: review by Shamus MacDuff

gender x body kisses vibrating suction massager

If you’re a penis owner, do you enjoy blow jobs? Do you like to lie back and let someone/ something else pleasure you? If so, you need to meet Body Kisses, a new Gender X toy sold by Betty’s Toy Box. Gender X describes it as a “vibrating suction stroker and humping toy.” It functions nicely as a penis toy! It is a fun and handy toy for senior penis owners, especially, because a hard erection is not required to enjoy it fully.


Body Kisses has a “mouth” not quite an inch wide and stretchy that opens into a 2-inch deep chamber. Insert the head of your penis—flaccid or erect—and engage the easy-to-use controls atop the toy. One button turns it on and off and changes the three speeds and four patterns. The other button triggers the suction mechanism so that air is removed and the “mouth” grips your member. By clever design the vibrating function and the sucking function can operate together or separately.


Start flaccid. Usually, I begin using Body Kisses by inserting my flaccid penis head. That’s because I find that once I’m completely erect, it takes lube and quite a bit of pushing to get my penis inside the toy’s chamber. The same is true for the Fun Factory Rainbow Amor dildo with a 1.5 inch diameter. Lube is essential for girthier insertions.


While we’re playing with dildos, the slender Fun Factory Limba Flex S (1.1 inch diameter) and the gorgeous Subana Sweetheart Glass Dildo (1.26 inch diameter) from England had an easy time sliding into the Body Kisses.



Back to me and my pleasure. My favorite way to play solo with Body Kisses is first to trigger the suction mode so that the slightly-under-half-a-pound toy clings to and hangs down from my penis. Then, while it’s just sucking, I increase the speed and alternate the patterns. As my erection rises I add the vibrating function to the sucking function so that both are at work. Finally, with the fully activated toy dangling between my legs, the external humping area buzzes my testicles while the sucking and vibrating “mouth” brings me to a climax.


Body Kisses is made of silicone and is splash proof but not immersible. It’s relatively quiet, and it is easy to hold and manipulate. Body Kisses is rechargeable with a magnetic USB cable provided. A minimal instruction sheet is included along with a 5-year warranty card. The packaging is spartan—a thin cardboard box containing a flimsy plastic holder for the toy and cable. I wished that it came with a cloth carrying bag.


This was odd. I was puzzled to discover that after cleaning and (I thought) drying the toy, water and toy cleaner bubbled out of the small hole on the side the next time I used it. I learned to avoid this by operating the vibrating function during the cleaning process until all fluids were emptied from the toy’s cavity. Gender X should have explained this issue on the instruction sheet.


What is Gender X? In November 2021, Evolved Novelties launched Gender X, a new line of sex toys that moves away from traditional gender-specific marketing. Under the motto “universal imagination,” Gender X wants us to discover our own pleasures from any specific toy. Their idea is for the possibilities of gender-neutral sex toys to be user-driven and open-ended.

I was curious about the name they’d chosen for the toy, so in the spirit of user-driven universal imagination, I first applied it to various sensitive body parts that like to be kissed. But it didn’t “kiss” my nipples, scrotum, or inner thigh, even when I applied lube around the rim of its suction hole to see if that created a seal. My cis-female partner did not find either the suction or the “hump” particularly stimulating on any of her erogenous body parts. Fortunately, using Body Kisses on my penis proved an excellent choice!


Many thanks to Betty’s Toy Box for sending Body Kisses for an honest review it. My pleasure!

Betty’s Toy Box offers 10% off  all products to Joan’s blog readers with coupon code JOAN10 – check out Betty’s many fine products.



Oct. 15, 2023 update:

In January 2023, Joan Price permitted me to review Body Kisses. The toy was pregnant with possibilities, and 9 months later I can now report on a full term delivery. It is my go-to toy, bar none, for solo penis pleasure. Here are some exciting ways I use Body Kisses:

  • Like most people I have very sensitive nipples. Body Kisses provides hands-free penis pleasure, allowing me to manually stimulate my nipples simultaneously. That combination always brings me to orgasm.
  • Turn on the toy, then double click to turn on the suction mechanism without using any speed or pattern. Return to the on/off-speed-and-pattern button and find those that give you the most pleasure.
  • My own favorite is to work through the 3 speeds while the toy dangles between my legs, exciting my scrotum. Alternatively, it’s also thrilling to coordinate the separate patterns in the suction mechanism with those in the speed-and-pattern mechanism for a rollicking good time. Identify your own pleasure pattern, lean back, and enjoy!


Shamus MacDuff, age 80, was oblivious to the delights of sex toys for penises until about 6 years ago. He’s been making up for lost time! Read his other posts here at





Womanizer Marilyn Monroe special edition – review

Womanizer box among lemons

The Womanizer Marilyn Monroe™ Special Edition Clitoral Suction Stimulator from LoveHoney is a gorgeous, elegantly designed and packaged gift for your clitoris. It comes in four colors: white marble (pictured), black marble, mint green, and vivid red.

This powerful “Pleasure Air” technology toy has 10 intensity levels from “ummm” to “oh, yes, yes, yes!” It’s completely waterproof.

back view

If you’re new to “Pleasure Air” sex toys, they feel a lot like gentle pulsing and sucking. Apply water-based lubricant to your clitoris, and place the nozzle-looking part over it. Start with the lowest setting, relax, and gradually raise the intensity as you need it. It’s a delicious feeling!


Why Marilyn Monroe?



Born 1926, Marilyn became the sex symbol for my generation. I remember devouring stories about Marilyn in movie star magazines when I was in junior high and trying to figure out what being a woman meant. I barely understood what “sexy” meant or stood for, but I knew she was the epitome, way beyond my aspirations. My little breasts were embarrassing. Hers were awe-inspiring.

She had it all, or so we thought. Marilyn died by suicide of a barbiturate overdose at age 36.




The controls on the back are remarkably clear and easy to use. From bottom to top:

  • The two raised silver dots are for the connecting points for the magnetic charger.
  • Power button: press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on and off.  Press and release quickly for the “afterglow” setting (see below). The power button lights up in use. It’s also a handy battery level indicator which flashes quickly when the Womanizer is half-charged and slowly when it’s close to discharged.
  • Minus (-) button: press and release to lower intensity.
  • Plus (+) button: press and release to raise intensity.
  • Note that the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons are different sizes, easy to choose the right one, even with eyes closed.



  • Like the Womanizer ECO (my personal favorite), this version comes with a cotton drawstring bag for storage.
  • Charging is simple with the USB magnetic charging cord. Unlike many magnetic chargers, this one attaches tightly and doesn’t disengage until you pull it off.
  • Two silicone “stimulation heads” are included. These pop off for easy switching or washing. Although one is a little higher than the other, the difference in width is negligible.
  • A short, clear, illustrated user booklet with easy-on-the-eyes black print on white. I’ve complained in the past about user manuals that were all but illegible to our old eyes, e.g. small white print on pink background, ugh.



I love the Afterglow function! If you require high intensity to orgasm, and immediately afterward your clitoris is too sensitive and you abruptly remove or turn off your vibrator, here’s a special treat. After enjoying a strong orgasm at whatever intensity gets you there, press the power button quickly and it switches to the lowest setting. I think of it as letting your clitoris “purr” for a while after your orgasm.



Is Womanizer Marilyn Monroe for you?

  • Yes, if you’re a Marilyn Monroe fan and want to honor her with your orgasms.
  • No, if you’re uncomfortable with Marilyn’s name and image used without her consent. (Her estate did consent.) FYI The Marilyn Monroe is exactly the same as the Classic 2, other than the appearance and references to Marilyn.
  • Yes, if you’re giving a gift and want a beautiful design.
  • No, if you already have another Womanizer or air puff stimulator that you use and love. Other than the colors, it’s similar to other Womanizers.
  • Yes, if you’re a beginner to “pleasure air” technology. The lowest settings are mild and will help you get used to this kind of stimulation.


Womanizer 2015

You’ve come a long way, Womanizer!

I’ve been enjoying and reviewing Womanizer clitoral stimulators since the first one — a hideously garish but marvelously effective game changer — entered my bedroom in 2015. Since then, I’ve reviewed updated Womanizers as they became prettier, sleeker, easier to use, more powerful, altogether more deliciously satisfying.




Thank you, LoveHoney, for sending me the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe™ Special Edition Clitoral Suction Stimulator in return for an honest review.

Womanizer box among lemons

PleX vibrating butt plug reviewed by Shamus MacDuff

PleX vibrating butt plug

PleX is a “customizable vibrating butt plug,” says its creator, Hot Octopuss. I see it more as a vibrating dildo for your rear end, more a pleasure plunger than a plug. The anal area is rich in erogenous nerve endings, whatever your gender.

Prostate owners will find PleX a fine “P spot” massager. The insertable part is 4.5 inches, more than enough to reach your prostate, which lies 3 to 4 inches from the start of the anal canal. But you don’t need to have a prostate to enjoy PleX for anal play.


How does it work? Anal toys give you a full feeling by putting pressure on internal erogenous zones. PleX’s 1.25-inch diameter (4-inch circumference) girth “full-fills” this via the shape of its nicely tapered bulb. Once sufficiently slick with water-based lube, PleX glides in easily. You can then move it in and out or wiggle it all about. By adjusting the five different vibration patterns and varying the strength of the Treble and Bass levels, you’ll locate the perfect vibratory buzz and spot you seek.


What’s “customizable”?  PleX offers many vibration options via Hot Octopuss’s unique Treble-Bass feature. This special technology has two motors that you control separately to produce a host of delightful sensory combinations. Each has five speeds and five vibration modes with adjustable frequency. With this customizable device you can experiment and mix different Treble and Bass levels until you find the one — or more — just right for you.


I first enjoyed this patented Treble and Bass technology in 2019 with the JETT, Hot Octopuss’s second wonderful penis toy after the innovative Pulse “guybrator.” In 2021, they extended it to the Kurve — a much-lauded toy for vulva owners, which Joan calls “a party in your vagina!”










“Flex”? Hot Octopuss calls their toy “PleX with flex.” They promote the benefit of the insertable part bending up to 90 degrees in any direction. While that flexibility allows you to move PleX around at different angles, the bulb doesn’t hold or retain the bent position. It returns to its original shape almost immediately. “PleX with flex” may be a cute rhyme, but for me the flex adds nothing to the pleasure of the PleX.


Remote control: PleX comes with a remote control so you or someone else can change vibration levels without needing to touch the toy. The remote lets a partner surprise and stimulate you while you recline in pleasure. However, the remote is small — just 1.5 inches square — and very thin, making it easy to lose. It’s difficult to press the buttons on the remote with lubed fingers. (PleX’s controls on the toy itself are easy to manipulate, even with lubed fingers.)


Like all Hot Octopuss toys, PleX is made from body safe materials. Its sleek black matte silicone body with just a touch of chrome on the base radiates quality. It is completely waterproof (except for the remote), fully USB rechargeable via the pin cable included, and relatively quiet. It makes a delightful shower toy.


Personally, I find PleX to be much more than an anal toy. It’s a feel-good-all-over toy! Its separate patterns and vibration levels delight my penis, my scrotum, my perineum, and my nipples. I like to use PleX externally to excite these different erogenous zones before beginning anal play. Once I’m revved and lubed up, PleX provides a range of lovely sensations after insertion. I especially find it fun to alter the rhythmic variations and the vibration levels to explore different locational sensitivities.


PleX is a fine new fun toy from Hot Octopuss. Its versatility extends beyond the nether region, and it would make a superb gift for yourself or someone special.



Shamus MacDuff, age 79, was oblivious to the delights of sex toys until about 5 years ago. He’s been making up for lost time! Read his other posts here.

Vibrators for Seniors – especially for first-timers

Are you new to sexvibrators for seniors toys and nervous about buying one? Why should you even care about vibrators? You got this far in life without one, so what’s the big deal? Read on to learn more about vibrators for seniors.

A well-chosen, well-placed vibrator can be the difference between orgasm and no orgasm for seniors – it’s sometimes that simple.

Many older bodies need more intense stimulation than fingers or a mouth or partner’s genitals can provide. Our own or a lover’s hand and other body parts may feel wonderful and arousing, but many of us feel stuck without more intensity: vibrator-quality intensity.

If this rings true for you, you’re not defective – this is just how your body works. Lucky for us, there are many excellent options guaranteeing that you can find one – or many! – that get you from arousal to orgasm.

What do seniors need?

I started reviewing vibrators on this blog in 2009, when I was a mere youth of 66. The older I got, the fussier I became about the sex toy qualities that work best for seniors and for me personally. Now I review products “from a senior perspective” because the needs of older bodies differ from younger folks. For example:

  • We need vibrators that give us intense sensation when needed. Our hormones and blood flow no longer rush to arouse us, so we need more powerful stimulation to rev us up. Man2021 gift picksy of us can’t reach orgasm without it. If we’re longtime vibrator users, we may find that a toy from our past is no longer strong enough.
  • We need vibrators that don’t quit on us. Arousal is slower and less dependable for most of us. Our vibrators need to warm us up and stay with us for as long as we need, without overheating, losing their charge, or irritating sensitive tissues.
  • We want comfort. Older vulvas and vaginas are more delicate than they were in our youth. Despite needing more sensation, most of us don’t want hard materials or pounding pressure. We may need cushioning between the strong, rumbling vibrations and our sensitive skin.
  • We want ergonomic design. Arthritic wrists and hands are common. It hurts when we must bend or twist our wrist to hold a toy in position. We like strong vibrations on our genitals but not pulsing through our hands. The best designed vibrators let us concentrate on our pleasure without worrying how long our wrists can hold out.
  • Many of us want slimmer insertable toys. Vulva owners who enjoy vaginal penetration may require a slim fit for comfort now. Learn what you need for your own comfort. Check the dimensions of the thickest insertable part of a product before ordering.
  • We require body-safe materials. Some of the cheapest toys (especially knock-offs from shady stores or Amazon) are made of toxic materials that don’t belong anywhere near the fragile skin of aginggenitals. Purchase quality products from known vendors.
  • Penis vibrators, no erection required. Penis owners benefit from the extra stimulation of vibrators. Older penises may have unreliable erections or ED, but they can still feel pleasure and reach orgasm with the right stimulation. They need sex toys that don’t require an erection to use it, unlike the “masturbation sleeve” products. Creative companies like Hot Octopuss and Fun Factory have designed powerful vibrators that work even when the penis is semi-hard or flaccid.
  • Bonus points for easy controls. We want controls we can see and differentiate, even with slippery, lubed fingers. What a buzz kill when we meant to press “power up” for stronger intensity, and instead we hit “power off”! Please, sex toy manufacturers, don’t make us grab our reading glasses mid-action. Give us controls we can adjust by touch.


How do I know what I want?

If you’re a sex toy novice, don’t buy the first product that looks good in an ad or on the shelf. Obviously, you can’t take it to a back room to give it an orgasmic whirl before buying, but this process will help you choose:

  1. What do you personally need to orgasm? There are so many different shapes, sizes, and styles of vibrators, and we’re all different in what works for us. Read my “How to Choose a Vibrator” to narrow your choices. Answer the 8 questions there to narrow down your choices.
  2. Watch my Sex Toys for Seniors webinar. This 90-minute crash course in sex toys for seniors covers what vibrators can do for you that a hand or partner can’t, how to choose the bSex Toys for Seniorsest one(s) for you, busting myths about vibrator use (such as whether it will desensitize you and how to address a partner’s objections), and much more. I show you a large selection of highly recommended vibrators and help you decide if they’re right for you. See my webinar page for pricing.
  3. Read reviews (such as mine from a senior perspective) to get a better idea of how certain toys work for some people. Use reviews to further narrow down your choices. Learn to discern between a review (someone personally tested the product and reports on the experience) and a marketing promotion (designed to sell the product, not help you evaluate if it’s for you).
  4. Emphasize quality over cost if you can afford it. The higher-priced items don’t cut corners in product design, body-safe materials, and reliability. They’ll last longer, too.
  5. Learn as much as you can about the products you’re considering, asking yourself, “Which one(s) would be right for my needs, my challenges, my preferences? If there’s a progressive, education-based sex toy store in your area, visit in person. If not, purchase from online retailers that emphasize customer satisfaction and an openness to the needs of our age group, such as the ones I link to in reviews and on my blog’s right-hand column.

I originally wrote a slightly different version of this post for the Lion’s Den blog. You can see the original here.